Aerial Filming & Photo Equipment

PSA Imaging produces professional, cinema quality aerial results using state-of-the-art imaging technology. From full scale helicopter filming to the latest professional UAS systems from DJI, we are proud to provide clients with options in both cost and equipment. Primary cameras include Canon's 5D MK4, Panasonic's GH5S, DJI's X7, X5R & Z3 plus FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Helicopter gyro stabilization systems are custom designed 3-axis, reliable KS8 rigs from Kenyon whereby a variety of cinema cameras can be mounted, including RED Digital Cinema. 

PSA is the northwest's leader in low altitude imaging for two simple reasons. Image quality and systems versatility. 6K(and higher) resolutions are standard for still capture while 4K/5K raw cinema is achieved via ground, boat, drone and helicopter. To learn more about our latest image tech advances, or to request specific aerial/camera systems not referenced, please contact PSA Imaging.